September 19th 2019


My piece for sextet (flute, clarinet, bassoon, violin, viola & cello) will be performed at Ultima 2019 in "Gymsalen" at 16:00 pm

October 1st 2019


After "Løten Lyd" in 2018, I will join composer Rune Rebne in an education project at Majorstuen Skole, to teach kids composition.

October 30th 2019


Our festival, KOKO, is a place for experimentation, and I will present a multi-media piece with live electronics and performers.

I am a composer. I experiment with sound. I write for acoustic ensembles, live-electronics, fixed media and hybrid setups, and care little about labels or genres. I find them quite restricting.

A key interest is electronics, especially reactivity, interactivity and mediation in the various ways we relate to / engage with it.

Errors are central in my compositions, both in terms of performativity (micro-tonal/-timbral/-rhythmical deviations) and technology (faulty, lo-fi artifacts and processing)

I am also a big fan of DIY and ownership, and a little tired of hearing the same tools being used in a lot of music. I am currently programming my own applications (MaxMSP and C++) and building hardware with Bela.

I study composition at the Norwegian Academy of Music, have a BA in Musicology from the University of Oslo, and am taking my MA in Musicology part-time. I am a research assistant at TIME (RITMO, UiO), and am credited as a co-author in two recently published research articles on micro-rhythm perception (Danielsen et al. 2019; London et al. 2019).

In addition to composition, I record, produce and mix for others. I sporadically work as a graphic designer. And I’m a musician in various projects, among else with Sigurd Ytre-Arne in our electronica duo Wauwatosa.

Let me know if you want to collaborate, or if you’re interested in my projects:

martin.langerod (at) gmail.com
+47 41 85 15 36